Who’ll run the Living centre?

The Living Centre is going to be run by local organisations, the Living Centre Partners.

The group is led by Somers Town Community Association, who’ve worked with the community for more than 30 years, as well as Citizens Advice Camden, Voluntary Action Camden, Age UK Camden, Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre, Healthwatch Camden, Origin Housing Association and Training Link.

They will deliver something unique that’s really rooted in the St Pancras and Somers Town community. They’re in the perfect position to offer local people high-quality services that really complement those that already exist.

This will make sure local people take advantage of the range of health and wellbeing services that already exist in Camden – creating a unique hub. And they’ll work together so that:

  • there’s a strong community voice in running the Centre
  • local people will be involved in developing, delivering and managing activities

There are lots of ways to get involved, including jobs for local people, work experience schemes, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities.

 1)    A new referral and signposting advice service, so people can find the information and services they really need. This might be a formal service directly concerned with health (e.g. smoking cessation); it might be a service at a local community centre (e.g. an exercise class); or it might be a service concerned with wider aspects of wellbeing (e.g. getting back into employment or debt advice).

2)    Using the Living Centre to unite and expand an existing network of high-quality services:

·         social prescribing

·         an ‘ageing better in Camden’ programme

·         sports volunteering

·         a home care programme, which recruits and trains local people to provide specialist care in the homes of vulnerable adults in the area

·         training and employability support

·         citizens’ advice targeting issues around health, debt, welfare and benefits, housing and employment.

3)  To develop new and innovative joint services and initiatives.

For invite or more email to: events at crick.ac.uk

2 comments to “Who’ll run the Living centre?”
  1. Hi Helia,
    The members vary per meeting but as you attended the last Forum you would know some of the names, more usually attend. I will not list names here but some also are members of other committees such as the living Centre committee, Schools and so on.
    Forum meetings will be placed on this website in Events and the newsletter.
    I don’t know if this helps but a list of participating organisations (in the consultation towards the Plan which is the heart of the Neighbourhood Forum) is here: http://somerstownplan.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/APPENDIX7Housing-and-Open-Space-Survey-Findings.pdf

  2. Who is the Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum who have worked with the area for more than 30 years? (Surely, some of us active members of our local community have worked on unpaid voluntary basis for members of our local community for more than two or three decades). Where is The Citizen Advice Centre?.

    I can now see that “The Francis Crick Institute Partnership of The Living Centre is going to be a borough-wide partnership not run for the l”locals” as everything has been running at the Crick until now.

    Please confirm who are still members of the STNF.

    For many years, I have been always active in the Somers Town Community, attending the meetings called by the STNF to contribute in various ways with the STN Plan and I have always seen the same few faces. Where are the other local members of the STNF, if there are any more?

    Thanks for considering these comments and for prompt response.

    Helia Evans (Mrs)
    The Francis Crick Institute member representative to
    The Construction Working Groups since the start of the construction of “The Crick” building.

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