We’re in UK’s top 50…

Euston Road has many of the most polluted hotspots in the UK.

The Evening Standard reports that 3000 deaths are attributable to our toxic air.

 tiny pollution particles in the London air  — so-called PM2.5 particulates — is dangerous enough to account for more than 3,000 deaths a year. Yesterday a spike of a similar particulate pollution reached “very high” 10/10 level in Upper Thames Street, which has been recorded just three times in the past two years. The death toll attributable to these pollutants is not as bad as in 2010 but it suggests the Mayor’s clean air measures have not solved the problem, part of which is attributable to diesel exhausts. The  Mayor’s aim at present is to establish a clean air zone in 2020 with stringent emissions restrictions, but that seems an unduly remote date given present levels of pollution.

20 January 2016

Here’s Somers Town in the context of the worst pollution hotspots in UK on air quality.

Map showing pollution hotspots.

Pollution hotspots – guess where most are?

How polluted is my road?

Clean Air London

Clean Air London film