Somers Town is a steal

Mystery as missing housing estate sculptures turn up in West End gallery…

The Camden New Journal reports but it’s no mystery to me)  that Somers Town Gilbert Bayes ceramics washing linepublic artwork is being sold in a private art gallery – the ceramics that Gilbert Bayes created for  to make residents lives better in the slum clearance.
See this article: Camden New Journal.
I noticed years ago some went missing and I thought they had been stolen – as I used also to see them.
Last time they turned up in auction in the 1980s, they ‘sold for between 6 and 7000 pounds each’.
Surely this is illegal?
” Doulton panels from the blocks of flats in the Sidney Street estate in Somers Town, north of St Pancras. The ceramic panels, made in about 1937 by the artist Gilbert Bayes”
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  1. I hope you found the reply to your comment on my blog (see the comments section there) – the local Civic Society and/or SAVE Britain’s Heritage ought to be able to advise you about this.

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