Somers Town has its own Rachel Whiteread house!

Visitors may be bemused by the Rachel Whiteread-a-like installation emerging phoenix-like to stand alone from the remains of the demolition of an entire row of Phoenix Rd locally-listed buildings. A rump of a building completely filled in by concrete.

But, no, it’s not an artwork, it’s the result of a standoff between the developers of 42 Phoenix Road and the owners of Maria Fidelis School site over their shared wall. Last year, the school contractors filled a section of the old Maria Fidelis building with concrete and sealed it up, rather than enter into a party wall agreement with their neighbours. They have since applied for planning permission to keep the structure.

What, you may ask, is the role of Camden Council in this?

Somers Town is being dismantled, building by building, park by park green space disappearing, a luxury tower built on the precious little green space left, yet we hear of commitment to environment, community and housing.

About as much use as a house full of concrete. Perhaps it should stand as an artwork forever a memorial to incompetence and hollow (sic) promises, the useless result of neglect of heritage, local wishes, disregard of environment and community.

And at least with an artwork, locals can benefit by charging visitors!