Praise for our Plan!

High praise for our Plan from the Royal Town Planning Institute – so now take a look! Video below.

This plan is truly innovative in its approach and it is very different to any other neighbourhood plan I have ever read. It combines the aspirations and hopes of local residents and local businesses in an area of London which is one of the most sought after areas for gentrification. It is under attack from investors wanting to capture potential land values from inappropriate high rise housing which would drive local people out – just as has happened in other parts of London. It is hoped that the plan will be adopted and that Camden will use all its powers to implement it and meet the ambitions of the Neighbourhood Forum to maintain this area for local housing and local business.

The plan itself is beautifully designed, clear and easy to read, stating the facts and offering some solutions for the community.

Janet Askew – Past President of the RTPI  (2015 – 2016)

Janet Askew, 2015-2016 RTPI Past President, praises the Somers Town neighbourhood plan in her valedictory speech.