Why Planning matters?

A Neighbourhood Plan can help decide what sort of development gets planning permission.

And Somers Town has a great Plan – according to the RTPI.

As she says, Planning is about ‘human flourishing’.

Q. Why are the POLICIES most important?
A. The policies are the bit that guide Planning Permission. A developer looking at the plan would also do well to note RECOMMENDATIONS!

Q. Why have some ‘POLICIES’ been moved to PROJECTS or RECOMMENDATIONS, e.g. Dog Fouling?
A. Some things cannot be policies because there is not enough evidence to enforce them and they may contradict the local or National Planning Framework. This draft Plan has been checked by Planning Aid for England and the policies have been written using their advice.

Q. Why are there lots of Projects?
A. The projects are things that local people wanted to see in the plan but can’t be policies. Projects can still be developed after the plan is agreed and published. Some projects may qualify for planning gain under the new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Q. What’s CIL?
A. It’s a new charge on development – a percentage can be spent on projects that provide local infrastructure (things like greening, safe routes, signage in this case).

– Donna Turnbull

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