Object to Phoenix Road conveyor belt

HS2 plans to convey material from the Euston site along Phoenix Road in this pause in construction.

So the HS2 was to develop a faster better train service – yet the ‘spoil’ needs to travel to St Pancras to be removed. HS2 has funded a Phoenix Road Greening project – clearly, not only is this yet to be realised, but now the denizens of Somers Town have more er…rubbish to put up with.

Faced with years of devastation, people displaced from homes; the original £2bn budget ballooned to double; millions wasted on the pause; it seems we now have the Euston as a construction site as a gaping hole and Somers Town is to become an industrial-scale rat run.

It makes some wonder why the train did not just start at St Pancras in the first place. It makes others wonder why the project ever got the go-ahead.

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