New on HS2

Here’s an update from the HS2 Euston Action group plus dates:

  1. Thursday 15th October at STCA (community centre) at 16.30 for meeting with councillors on impact
  2. Petition workshops 12/13th October
  3. DEADLINE for comment petitions 23 October

At our public meeting on 22 September, a motion was passed authorising me to lodge a petition on behalf of the Action Group in response to the “additional provisions” (AP3) in respect of the new station at Euston. The Action Group is now working on its petition. We will also be responding to the Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES) and Environmental Impact Assessment. This is very much “work in progress”.

AP3 Issues” – a grid which sets out the approach that the Action Group will be adopting in our petition. We welcome feedback on this. Please use this to inform your own petitions. We will be circulating a copy of our draft petition for comment prior to lodging it on 23 October. You only have 12 days to complete and lodge your petition.

Changes between the Hybrid Bill and AP3” – Not only are HS2 extending the construction period from 2026 to 2033 (and beyond); they are also making the impact more severe between 2016 and 2026. The assessment in the SES of the affects after 2026, are extremely schematic. This table suggests some of the ways in which AP3 is worse than the Hybrid Bill scheme. There is more work for you to do!  The Action Group will be endorsing Camden’s position that Old Oak Common should be used as the temporary terminus for HS2 until they can formulate acceptable plans for Euston.

Our Updated version of the “Hybrid Bill Timetable”. Note the following:

Useful web-links.

  • The Camden web-linkhas a lot of useful material which will help you with your petition. Sign up to their Newsletter. Note their “Petition Workshops” (12 and 13 October); “Petition Surgeries” (19 and 20 October); and Select Committee Workshops (3 and 11 November).
  • The HS2 “Information Papers” are essential reading. There are nine series (A-J), See D3: Code of Construction Practice; D4: Working Hours; D12: Track Possessions for HS2 Phase One Engineering Works; E23: Control of Construction Noise and Vibration;
  • A guide to other places where useful material can be found.
  • The Select Committee is now planning to visit Camden on Monday, 9 November. See details of their current plans.
  • The Select Committee plans to start hearing the Camden petitions in December, starting with Camden Council before hearing those from other petitioners. Camden Council is taking a lead on a number of route-wide issues which will be heard in January. This part of the timetable reflects our best guestimate.
  • On 29 September, the government made a further response to Lord Hollick, the Chair of the House of Lord’s Economic Affairs Committee. The government is refusing to estimate the overall cost reduction of terminating HS2 at Old Oak Common.
  1. Our “Index to AP3 & SES”, namely the 4,294 pages of documents which are relevant to AP3. These can be purchased at a total cost of £488.35. A memory stick can be obtained for £30. You should all request a pack of the limited documents which are available free of charge. The critical document s are the CFA1 (Euston) Report (421 pages) and Map Book.Sixteen “Parliamentary Questions”which were table by Keir Starmer on 6 October. We hope for responses prior to finalising our petition.


The following deadlines are critical:

(i) All petitions must be lodged in the Private Bills Office by 14.00 on Friday 23 October. Keir Starmer is entitled to lodge petitions on behalf of his constituents. You will be able to drop-off your petitions at the Town Hall, Judd Street, between 11.00 and 14.00 on Thursday, 22 October. Keir will be lodging his final batch at 15.00 on 22 October. Thereafter, it is down to you to take your petition to the Privat Bills Office. Anyone who is “directly or specially” affected by AP3 may petition. A fee of £20 must be paid by any new petitioner. No further fee is payable by anyone who has lodges a petition against the Hybrid Bill. You will need four signed copies of the petition and two copies of this cover sheet. Take a look at this checklist to reassure yourself about the documentation you need to bring along.

(ii) Any responses to the SES and the EqIA must be made by 23.59 on Friday, 6 November. This may be done on-line. The Action Group will be responding to these documents. Please alert us to any inaccuracies in the SES. There seem to be many.

Next Week, Camden Council is arranging two workshops on petitioning at the Surma Centre, 1 Robert Street:

(i) Monday, 12 October (16.00-20.00)

(ii) Tuesday, 13 October (12.00 to 16.00)

We encourage our members to attend. Go along with neighbours and you can focus on the particular impact of AP3 on your communities.

Camden will be publishing their draft petition on 16 October.

Remember: If you are planning to petition, all you need to do at this stage is specify your “Heads of Dispute. What is the impact of AP3 on your home and/or community? What do you want the Select Committee to require HS2 Ltd to do to address your concerns. Here are three examples:

(i) In 2026, the new extended Cobourg Street will lead into Hampstead Road, directly opposite Robert Street. Measures must be taken to ensure that the Regents Park Estate is not used as a rat run.

(ii) There is currently a bus stop in front of Silverdale. Hampstead Road Bridge is to be raised by 4.5 metres. Residents living on the North part of the Regents Park Estate will lose their access to a bus stop and will need to go to a bus stop south of Robert Street or in Mornington Crescent.

(iii) Will your home qualify for double glazing? If so, what has HS2 Ltd done to assess the noise levels at your home and the package to which you will be entitled?

Robert Latham, Chair, HS2 Euston Action Group