New bill threatens council housing

Locals will resist government plans to attack council housing:

  • Right to Buy 2 means sale of housing association homes, financed by market sell off of up to one third of all council homes
  • ‘Pay to stay’- means tests for tenants to force them onto higher rents
  • sell off ‘high value’ council properties

Taking the money to ‘pay off the deficit’. The Housing and Planning Bill 2015 will:

‘sabotage investment in the homes for rent we need, diverting yet more public money away from really affordable, secure homes for rent.’

Cuts to council housing and housing association homes for rent will mean more homelessness, displacement and evictions.

From defend council housing site.


Join in resistance – Music night 

‘Ain’t no cure for the Somers Town blues’ at local pub, the Pack and Carriage from 8pm.

December 11th 2015 – watch this space.