More park taken away! COMMENT NOW Planning deadline 23

More space taken away from the park – comment now!

The controversial Brill Place tower needs its own electric substation and this part is now open for feedback as it needs planning permission – please do comment to Camden Council by end 23 June 2019.

The impacts of the electric substation will be:
an increased footprint – more space taken away

noise and vibration from a electric substation

It changes the frontage on Brill Place

It changes from the original planning which was approved on the basis of it being a limited footprint and ‘ transparent’ facade – this will now NOT Be the case as it will be filled in.

A slight of hand?


Comments can be made on the application until 23 June 2019. Please comment online or email the planning officer
directly,, quoting the above application number.

Camden Council Planning Dept

Number of application: 2019/2475/P

3 comments to “More park taken away! COMMENT NOW Planning deadline 23”
  1. It’s quite funny how they have just realised that they need electrical power stations after the application was approved. I am now wondering what other crucial things they have missed out. I always had questions on the clarity of the level of pollution around the area. Here we go, another energy centre just across Phoenix court so basically more pollution, noise and loss of space as well as a significant impact on our health and well being. This also means many more trees will unfortunately be cut down and these trees act as the barrier between the polluted area between the station and the taxi rank and residential area. These 40 year old trees can’t be replaced with some greenery; they won’t give anywhere near the same effect whatsoever. The area, already being filled with children with breathing problems, will further affect them and others significantly with the increased pollution seeping into theirs and other residents’ lungs. The affect of these sort of constructions will reduce the quality of living conditions and more impact on services and facilities in the area as well as reducing the transparency. Overall, I don’t doubt that Camden council can plan a better solution than selling off a public green space to build on.

  2. As a tenant of Phoenix Court this is yet another money making scheme as everything has been approved and granted though the proper channels. This technicality could not have been missed as it fundamental to this horrendous 26+ eye saw that is going to over shadow the area and create a more over crowded somers town. Anyway this power station should be below ground level and we in Phoenix Court always suffer when new projects come along.

  3. We are very disappointed that the planners of the tower have only just realised that a power station is required for such a building given the time and effort they have gone to to get the application agreed. We would want this station to be below ground, underneath the tower to maintain the promise of a transparent ground floor to this ugly building. Pheonix Court TRA Chair.

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