Made of Somers Town…or made of King’s Cross?

An exhibition of posters has appeared on Phoenix Road hoardings and the eagled-eyed might spot photos show a number of buildings that have been knocked down in Somers Town or surrounding area in recent years:

the old Goods yard wall along Ossulston Street

the old convent and Maria Fedelis on Phoenix Road Locally listed

42 Phoenix Road Locally listed

A block off Hampstead Road demolished by HS2 works

the Police depot that used to be Evening Standard building

the green park where they are now building a new luxury tower block

All things Somers Town have lost in the changes. Other posters show the community – we are still here!

An event will be held in January the 14th to accompany the exhibition.

Please book tickets here.

Are we really King’s Cross??

A hoardng with words Made of Kings Cross on it.
The hoardings in Phoenix Road have the words ‘Made of King’s Cross’ on them.