Locals ‘grey-faced and asthmatic’

Locals in Somers Town don’t have cottages in the Cotswalds to escape poisonous city fumes, points out Nicolas Woods in the Camden New Journal (March 2015).

As well as HS2 works, the council’s CIP plans to build on what tiny green space we have will further impoverish, and even endanger, lives.

‘Poor air quality has a significant impact on the health of London residents.’ 

It causes premature deaths, as a study found in 2010 – see Clean Air in London.

Such new developments wouldn’t be tolerated by the resourceful (and wealthy) locals in Hampstead, as pointed out in Robbery from a poor area.

Building flats on existing parks, including a 22-storey block, is only going to make things even worse.

Make your views known…it’s your last chance to comment on the CIP plans – see the plans in the STCA community centre before the 27th April 2015.