Is it heritage? Demolition of old building

Proposed demolition of an interesting old building: 42 Phoenix Road building is in planning  – you CAN comment on this here.
A report by resident Michelle.
On Camden’s planning website there is information and a few comments already at the bottom, including a heritage report written for the developer to assist the Planning department’s decision, regarding national and local policy.
There is a list of who they consider to be neighbours.
When is the closing date?
The 11th Jan, a Monday.
Is it listed?
The building is already on Camden Council’s List as a heritage asset and listed as a building of interest.   The effect of the planning application is to be taken into account, and the scale of harm or loss.
The proposal is to demolish the whole building.  The report writer then questions why this building should be on the list, and whether it meets two of six criteria, in particular, that it must be of historical interest and also architectural.  They state in support of the planning application that architecturally it is “unexceptional” and historically of “only modest interest”.
When was it built?

This building was built between the wars (the same time as Levita and Chamberlain house) as a nursery and daycentre (the Margaret day centre) for fatherless children.  It was for education then, as is Maria Fidelis building next door to it.

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  1. it is still possible to comment because the deadline was extended (until apparently the end of next month).

  2. itnis still possiblemto comment be because the deadline ws extended (until apparently the end of next month).

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