Impact of HS2 starts being seen on Eversholt Street

Traffic is getting worse on Eversholt Street and it looks like it is going to stay that way for a long time. Recent lane closures on Cardington Street, west of the station, meant all private  and Uber drop-offs took place east of Euston. Once Cardington Street closes to make way for the new HS2 station, Eversholt Street is likely to get even busier.

Residents in the area are already contending with the construction noise and traffic related to the building of a new school for Maria Fidelis on Drummond Crescent.

From 18 September, HS2 will be investigating the ground around the station, drilling holes on Eversholt Street, Barnby Street and Wellesley House grounds. More details are given on their website.

Last year, nitrogen dioxide levels on Eversholt Street averaged 64μg/m3, some 60 per cent above the legal limit of 40μg/m3. The increased traffic and congestion predicted for the area can only make the situation worse.