Help record Somers Town’s heritage

What buildings matter to you? Do you have a knowledge of old Somers Town? Interested in digital mapping?   A community may value different buildings to what planners think. Find out more on the 14th February about an innovative project and help record the heritage of Somers Town at next Forum meeting.

Come along on the 14th Feb to the Living Centre at 6.30pm for a presentation and bring your knowledge!

Why is this of interest to the Neighbourhood Forum?

This is a joint History Club and Forum event as we hope to draft a Heritage statement for Somers Town for the neighbourhood Plan, and protect what heritage we have, by encouraging local people to have a say through open meetings.

What is Colouring London?

Polly Hudson, a UCL researcher has chosen Somers Town as a prototype for a web ‘record and she’s looking for help to test this.

a)  Test and refine  of the prototype web platform

To try out a website using a website link and seeing how easy members find it to upload data on the characteristics of the current building stock.

Any feedback is interesting for us.

b) Check data on the characteristics of what is on the site

To check construction date, current land use and building type data entries for as many building as possible in the Somers Town area, and beyond if that is of interest.

c) Develop new data on how Somers Town has developed over time.

To  upload construction and demolition dates, land use and building type information for demolished buildings.(An early, mansion, today replaced by a terrace would have multiple entries  for all the terraced houses its footprint covered). To also provide a link , if possible, to further information ie History Society page, Survey of London entry, list entry etc.

d) To feedback on what data is useful for the community 

Here’s what she did in Hackney.

London Evolution animated in 4D: Hackney sample (1750-Today)

For more on History find out about the Local History Club, contact: