Give your views – Camden Planning Guidance

Consult and respond to Camden’s planning guidance.

Deadline: January 11th to respond about cumulative impacts of development on health and anything else.

How to 

You just send an email to the address at the bottom of page saying what you want the guidance to address. It is also useful to add why this affects you. The points made in the  discussion last night about health, AQ and access in Somers Town , Regents Park, and  Euston area as a whole would be very powerful to repeat.

What to comment on?

Air Quality and Access are the most obvious policies to respond to on this – or just respond to all guidance generally. The more emails that make constructive points the better!! The Air Quality Assessment and recommendations are  good evidence and can be referred to to back up what you say.

If you need some help, please do contact Donna Turnbull at VAC.