Funds …from HS2

Somers Town are invited to apply for two funds at an event on Saturday 22nd July at 2-4pm Euston Square hotel north Gower St, NW1 2LS 

  • Environmental Fund
  • Business ideas fund

by none other than HS2.

(That would be because they wish to plant more trees and rehouse people who are being moved, we suppose.)

There is also a construction update Thursday 20th at 6pm at UCL, DRAYTON HOUSE, GORDON ST, NW1H.

And they are also ‘answering questions’ at the DB Cargo Shed demolition.

That would be …er.. why are we having to put up with all this demolition and removal of houses, ancient historic graveyards …?


Shiny new community engagement officers (from outside the community) primed (and paid) to deal with the community.