Free help with commenting on planning

With huge changes afoot: 2 major planning applications, learn how to comment so your views are heard in these FREE ‘surgeries’.

What are planning surgeries?

Open to all, these will help you through the process of objecting to the CIP plan or indeed any plan likely to impact on your community; should you wish to.


These surgeries are kindly being run by Donna from VAC.

What’s can I comment on?

A major redevelopment called CIP by Feb, demolition of 42 Phoenix Road (by Jan 11) and there is the CrossRail 2 consultation (ending soon!) See details on all three on this site.


Surgeries will be at Somers Town Community Centre and the dates are as follows:-

  • Tuesday 19th January 5pm to 7pm upstairs in the Job Hub
  • Wednesday 20th January 5pm to 7pm upstairs in the Job Hub
  • Thursday 21st January 2pm to 4pm  downstairs in the meeting room
  • Monday 25th January 2pm to 4pm downstairs in the meeting room