Forum response to proposed CIP development

We support the rebuilding of the school BUT…there is a cheaper, better, more deliverable solution…”

Here is the Neighbourhood Forum’s full response to the CIP plans for Somers Town. Please scroll down within the document to read more, or download.

Download (PDF, 1.24MB)

Pictures of proposed tower below.

3 comments to “Forum response to proposed CIP development”
  1. Oh sorry. You can download it with the link here. I didn’t see it.

    I read it under the comments about the CIP development application.

    It is very well done.

    • This is the neighbourhood Forum response to the Camden Council CIP plans for Somers Town…which is in time for their published deadline of 23rd Feb.

  2. Is this a new document (“Forum’s reponse to the proposed CIP development”)? Or is in the Neighborhood Plan?

    There was some confusion (even with someone familiar with the forum) because with the appendix the only indication that it was an old proposal being shown was the date on it.

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