I hope this answers your questions about the Neighbourhood Plan, Forum, and other issues.

What is the Somers Town Neighbourhood Plan?

Under recent law, neighbourhoods can set out policies for planning, development and use of land, such as where new homes and offices should be built and what they should look like.

What’s it got to do with me?

If you live in the area, you might want to have a say over whether to have a park or block of flats blocking your view… so get involved!

What has the Neighbourhood Forum got to do with it?

The Forum is an open group of residents that meets to help determine our wishes and has put together the Plan over months.

The forum has been set up to promote the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Somers Town.”

Give me an example.

Have a look at how another area did it in this video.

Can I join the Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum?

Membership of the is open to all people who live, work or study in the neighbourhood area and to local councillors. 

How do I get involved?

Monthly open meetings are held.

Activities and feedback are publicised electronically, in local newspapers, through leafleting, through local organisations and businesses, and through word-of-mouth.

Who is in the Forum?

There is a core committee of 28 people, 50% of whom are representative tenants and residents from across the area. The other 50% are local stakeholders, including local councillors, the voluntary and community sector, businesses and institutions. Some local business owners and voluntary sector participants are also members. 

For a list Groups and Organisations see end of page.

What are the working groups?

A number of working groups also meet regularly to develop projects and increase involvement.

They take initiatives identified by local people, such as setting up neighbourhood watch schemes, developing local enterprises and creating connections between unemployed local people and opportunities in the area. A youth forum works with the neighbourhood forum and have made a film to highlight their perspective on Somers Town. They have also set up the Community Counts project with the business and employment (BEET) working group.

Who is on the working groups?

The forum benefits from a wide range of local knowledge and expertise from a mix of participants, including tenants and residents, organisations such as the British Library, St Pancras station, Francis Crick Institute, the police, schools, faith groups, housing providers, small businesses, etc.

What’s happened so far?

Activities have included planning and walkabouts to explore planning priorities and identify community members not yet involved. The forum is also working with the council to develop a consultation strategy and plan for the Community Investment Programme in Somers Town. We work with local mosque, trustees and congregations.

There are plans for community notice boards, regular coffee mornings, activities with older people and an interactive market stall.

More ideas welcome! Make it happen!

(From the application: Forum =”…a relevant body capable of being designated a Neighbourhood Forum in accordance with sections 61F and 61G of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act.”)

If your question is not answered, please contact the Forum at Somers Town Community Association.

List of participating Groups and Organisations 

Download (PDF, 28KB)

2 comments to “FAQ”
  1. Dear Info@Somers Town Neighbourhood Forum,
    I write as the Secretary of the Charlton Neighbourhood Forum
    (see http://charltonneighbourhoodforum.com) which we are setting up in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG).

    The need for a Forum stems from the pressure we are facing from large developers seeking to build along the riverside. As community groups we have worked with RBG to develop a Masterplan for the area but current applications are in violation of the spirit of our vision for good development. We are currently awaiting a decision from the Secretary of State on an application which we have successfully fought through the local planning board, the Greater London Council and the Planning Inspectorate.

    We recognise that the way forward is for us to have a properly constituted Neighbourhood Forum with a view to developing a Neighbourhood Plan. We have gone a long way to accomplish this (i.e. constitution, elected officers, AGM) but before we submit the Forum for approval we need to demonstrate wider engagement with the business community along the riverside.

    We have been impressed with your Forum and I write to see if you are able to advise us on your strategy for business engagement. We are keen to learn from your successful experiences.
    Can you please get back to me and I am happy to have a dialogue either by email, phone or in person.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    All good wishes,
    Brenda Taggart
    Secretary Charlton Neighbourhood Forum

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