Elect a new Chair!

The role of Chair and Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Forum are officially open for election.

Official role descriptions are available – see below.

  • The Forum has appointed an acting chair, Slaney Devlin.
  • Elections close at 5pm on Wednesday the 30th of March
  • Send your completed application to sarah@somerstown.org.uk
  • Formal elections will take place on the 11th April 6.30pm at Coopers Lane TRA hall.
3 comments to “Elect a new Chair!”
  1. A Secretary is needed to tell people about the meetings, including what the meeting will be about (agenda), to take minutes of what happened/was agreed, and to send the minutes to people. Also, they might know the rules eg how voting will operate, as well as deal with queries/compiling the agenda.

  2. Oh yes I thought there was one position as secretary. and perhaps a treasurer although not sure it’s needed..?

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