Deadline for views on CIP

JUST SAY NO! Plans to build a 22 storey block are unpopular as last night’s meeting proved.

The deadline for comments is 27th April 2015.

If you disagree with the current proposals,please show it by supporting the Forum’s statement –  send a ‘yes’ to DTurnbull at or comment below.

Residents (to be listed below) at the meeting of 22/04 do not agree with the building of a 24 story block on Purchese St open space or the current proposals and configurations of the proposed plan. This meeting requests the creation of a minimal plan for the refurbishment of the school with the minimum impact on the community in terms of building work and reconfiguring of Somerstown and thus give a reference point to compare with the present mega plans, which are out of keeping with the character and feelings of the area’s residents.