Crowdjustice appeal success

The Crowdjustice appeal set up to find a judicial review into the CIP tower plans has its first target at a tough time – Christmas. As Slaney reports:

Great news, we’ve hit our first  target of £2,000! This is a terrific achievement, given we had to fundraise over Christmas and New Year – times when there are a lot of demands on our purses – so a big thank you for donating. We now get another 30 days to hit our stretch target of £6,000. Ambitious, but hey – we are already a third of the way there! Do please keep on spreading the word. 2017 is the year that HS2 lorries are going to start trundling along our road network – up to 700 a day – causing a pollution explosion. The news this morning linking air pollution to dementia as well as well as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory disease shows just how reckless this plan to cut down dozens of trees and build on our parks is. On that happy note, thanks again for all your support!


To help fund, contact the Forum or fund via the site here.