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The biggest change to Somers Town since a bomb dropped on it? Comment now on the CIP planning application to redevelop Somers Town and build flats on its parks – it’s on the Camden Council Website. Find out more here and please comment now.

Here are the facts

  • CIP = Central Somers Town Community Investment Programme to redevelop Somers Town
  • On 16 December 2016 The Cabinet of London Borough of Camden unanimously voted for the Update on the CIP
  • This update includes destruction of trees and building private flats onto two small parks in Somers Town
  • The tower blocks will be much higher at 25 storeys than any other building in Central Somers Town and will dramatically change the grown structure of the area
  • The Planning application for Central Somers Town was registered on 4 January 2016 as 2015/2704/P.

For more background

(By a participant and local resident Geraldine) 

On 16 December 2015 the Cabinet of Camden Council met to discuss the Update on Central Somers Town Community Investment Programme (CIP). The CIP was tabled as item 9 of the agenda.

The Cabinet was asked to approve an update of the CIP that includes plans to build a 25 storey tower block inside the park of Purchese Street Open Space. So far the Cabinet had agreed only to the erection of a tower block that was not higher than the Crick Institute. The update also suggested increasing the amount of social housing / affordable flats among the planned 136 flats from 10 to 44.

In total there were four deputations relating to this item:

  • Three deputations strongly opposed the Community Investment Programme (CIP). The first deputation came from a Somers Town resident, the second was raised by a resident on behalf of the Goldington Street Estate TRA, and the third spoke for the 670 persons who had signed the petition against the CIP and was handed in on 16 October.
  • One deputation was in favour of the CIP and represented the view raised in a petition that was handed in on 14 December by the Governor of Edith Neville School.
  • All three Somers Town ward councillors attended the meeting. Two ward councillors supported the views of the first three deputations and one ward councillor supported the CIP proposal.

On 16 December 2016 The Cabinet of London Borough of Camden unanimously voted for the Update on the Central Somers Town Community Investment Programme Scheme (CSF/2015/17).

See our Neighbourhood Plan on this site for local views on development in the area.

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  1. Does anyone have the wording that (presumably) parents of children collecting them from school were asked to sign that supported the building on the park/scheme (to redevelop the school)?

    • You mean the petition? I’m guessing the school or reps of the school or the Councillor in favour of this plan. Perhaps you can ask.

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