Co-Design workshop on Somers Town history

Come along Tuesday 20th November evening to take part in a Co-Design workshop.

Passionate about Somers Town?

Part 1 What would you preserve?  7-8pm 3 short talks then activityRichard Simpson presents his findings 
Part 2 What would a ‘museum’ of Somers Town have/ look like?

Activities and talks – ideas are welcome. Refreshments at 8pm.

7-9pm 20th November 2018
Basil Jellicoe Community Hall, Drummond Crescent, NW1

Event run by Somers Town History Club supported by Heritage Lottery and VAC.

Jellicoe asked local people what they wanted (not a common practice at the time), and ensured the housing was beautiful as well as functional, with space for socialising and creativity.  Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch has observed: “Fr Basil Jellicoe had pioneered an economically viable and morally inspiring form of ‘regeneration’. More recent initiatives have all too often alienated and displaced the original residents. Jellicoe’s version of neighbourhood renewal took local people seriously, and ensured their needs were given pride of place.”