A cleaner environment – time for solutions

A recent Forum, where Camley Street presented its Neighbourhood plan, included an local answer to cleaner transport: a local electric driverless minibus.

Somers Town is highly polluted – and if Eversholt Street is closed, the likely effect may be to force more traffic into the area. We need to do more.

Like Camley Street, we need to look at local solutions to pollution. Local areas can take action – West Hampstead has a plastic free campaign. To reduce van traffic, there could be a centre for collection of deliveries, a local shuttle bus or better still, cycle, might reduce reliance on taxis, and we need to take local action on engine idling.

At a 2018 meeting with UCL we came up with possible solutions. A report resulted and it is good that monitoring of air quality is taking place. But we need to go further – we need to act to implement these.

I propose we call for a follow up meeting to go further and find innovative solutions. Here are some below.

A German company Physee has invented a window that converts energy to electricity. Apparently in dense cities, commercial buildings account for most carbon emissions. A Citytree wall counter-acts pollution.

What are your ideas? Please join in – comment below.

A green wall – this ‘city tree’  CityTree has special moss culture – the world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality.

More on electric cars http://www.globalconstructionreview.com/trends/2018-year-autonomous-bus/