CIP: the finale: Investors take public park land

The news that Camden Council has now done the deal: sold once-thought of as sacrosanct public land in Somers Town, as part of the CIP development to a private Hong Kong Consortium, prompted a stream of articles in the Camden New Journal – which we must thank for keeping this in the news.

Depressing reading as HS2 takes the last remaining bit of the Euston Gardens, here; Thames Water closes Eversholt there, and bits of Somers Town are open season for any ‘Asian investors’ aka towers of luxury flats.

Will anything be left? of us locals wonder, as Chalton Street last weekend turned into  a traffic jam, with rows from road rage, sirens and no-one can get to hospitals or doctors as Eversholt st is shut.

Hell on earth?

It seems we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Leaving the best to the last, here’s the article by Fran Heron,

‘Our area wrecked by a symbol of greed’

if you didn’t see it, read it and weep.