Alternative carol service at Euston an HS2 protest

Commuters passing Friday night’s carol service at Euston may have been surprised by the lyrics – there was a distinct Anti-HS2 and a Somers Town tone.
Here’s a sample of the reworked songs…enjoy!
There is a petition to sign.

Mary’s Boy Child aka Birth of A Monster

Long time ago, in Somers Town
So the older people say
There was peace and happiness
Till HS2 came our way

Hark thou hear, the drilling start
A new hell here on earth
HS2 has ripped our world apart
And broken our poor heart

While people watched their homes pulled down
Struck dumb they realised
That Human Rights in Somers Town
We’re destroyed before their eyes.

Hark thou hear, the drilling start
A new hell here on earth
HS2 has ripped our world apart
And broken our poor heart.

Sleepwalking In An HS2 Nightmare (Winter Wonderland)

HS2, is not listening
In Somers Town/our town, it’s not glistening
They’re making life hell
And people unwell
Sleepwalking in an HS2 nightmare.

Gone away, is the solution
Here to stay, is pollution
Our children can’t breath
It’s making us seeth
Sleepwalking in an HS2 nightmare.

They are building on our open spaces
Choking us, and bringing us all down
It’s not safe with toxic particle traces
There’s no hope for us in Somers Town/our dear town.

Later on, they’ll evict us
Throw us out, with no convictions
They’re selling us short
Why don’t they abort
Sleepwalking in an HS2 nightmare.

Noisy Nights (Silent Night)

(V 1)
Noisy nights, HS2 blights
All is not right, we have to fight
HS2 is so cruel and hard
Making folk homeless
Lord Camden’s the Bard
How can they sleep at night
Causing the people such fright.

Our turn to fight, this HS2 plight
The air is poison, traffic sits at the lights
Round the rat- run, 800 lorries
School children study, no happy stories
There is no future at all
Here comes that big wrecking ball

No more silent nights, or Human Rights
HS2 is coming for you
Wreaking havoc and wrecking lives too
Monster lorries pollute all day through
There’ll be years – of filth and noise
Seventeen years of filth and noise.

No more silent nights, as reality bites
HS2, will be hurting you
Taking our land, local businesses too
Ruining communities through and through
Let’s shout as loud as we can
To spoil their dastardly plan,
Yes- to – spoil – their – dastardly – plan.

Thanks to local musicians Tina Swaysey of oh!Gunquit, The Mighty Caretakers and Mimi Romilly.