This is the official site for the Somers Town Neighbourhood Plan.

Here you can look up our Plan, other documents and keep up-to-date with meetings and minutes of the Forum and its working groups. Questions? Scroll down or click FAQ.

Where is Somers Town?

Here’s an in-depth planning map:

Somers Town lies within the following boundaries:

North:  Oakley Square, Crowndale Road (B512). and East:  Midland Road. South:  Euston Road (A501).  and to the West:  Eversholt Street (A4200), Barnby Street, Hampstead Road (A400).

What is the Neighbourhood Forum?

A committee of local residents who have put together the Plan. The group is open to all residents.

The forum has been set up to promote the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Somers Town.”

Can I find out more the Somers Town Neighbourhood Plan and Forum?

You are in the right place – for more, see our FAQ page.

Who has set up this site?

This site has been initiated by the Forum, and is supported by the Somers Town Community Association, which supports the Neighbourhood Forum. (Chair: Slaney Devlin).

Join us!


To get in touch, attend the monthly regular open meetings – held at the Somers Town Community Association (STCA).

Contact – please note response may be slow as there is no administrator:


This site has been created by iDia Ltd, a local designer and resident, in collaboration with the Forum.