Air Quality

Somers Town is bounded by highly polluted A-roads, including Euston Road, as well as St Pancras and Euston stations, which means that most of our area has illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide and high levels of health-harming particulates.

The Neighbourhood Forum is putting together a policy that aims to improve air quality in our area by discouraging polluting vehicles, encouraging active forms of travel such as walking, pushing for the highest construction standards and the greenest new buildings in our area, and promoting green infrastructure such as trees and shrubs.

We have been working with UCL’s Engineering Exchange to better understand our local air quality and to identify those actions that will have the greatest positive impact. Information about the different study areas can be found here.

Air Quality expert and UCL Senior Research Associate Dr Claire Holman was commissioned to write a technical report that evaluated the current monitoring of air quality in Somers Town and future needs compared to best practice, and reviewed the air quality forecasts in the air quality assessments for recent developments, compared to current air quality. Her review identified discrepancies in recent air quality assessments and identified areas for better or prolonged monitoring. This led to some tangible recommendations for the neighbourhood plan and some ideas for spending CIL money.

On 30 November, 26 members of the Forum met to discuss the findings of the technical review and the recommendations for the Neighbourhood Plan. The report can be found here. Also available is a 2-page summary and Dr Holman’s presentation slides.

Discussions continue with Knowledge Quarter stakeholders on best practice for last-mile delivery and UCL academics on opportunities for other participatory projects on health and local pollution in Somers Town.